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|Home based business opportunity| gives hope to entrepreneurs caught in the economic crisis today. Workers face impending layoffs or cutbacks as companies struggle to stay afloat. Workers facing a harsh reality that their job may not be there for them in the future are searching Google for ways to make money online with a |home based business opportunity|.

Let us say that you have selected a home based business opportunity and are ready to bunker down, get everything you need to do in order to drive traffic to your site. You are at that point in time where you have designed your web site and are starting to write content on the home page which is also called a “landing page”. You want to do this right because this is the very first thing your visitors will see.

What common mistakes do most people make when creating these landing pages?

I believe it to be the language they are using.

I am not talking about misspelled words, bad grammar, or even bad language.

I believe in many cases the pages are not designed with the reader in mind. Often you will find web sites that are a little bit difficult to understand or the visitor has to make sense out of what you are saying. When you are writing content for your home based business opportunity, you want your reader to enjoy reading what you have written. I am talking about the content on these landing pages have to have good readability!

What I am suggesting is that your content does not have to read like an encyclopedia. It should be focused on being an enjoyable experience for your visitors that are browsing through at any given moment. It needs to be in a format that is easy to understand and “talks” directly to that person reading it.

I am sure you have been to many web sites and been “turned off” just by how they read. The way to get around all of this is to pretend that you are in the same room with someone you know. How do you express yourself when you are having a conversation. The way you normally talk is the way you want your written material to be.

This can be somewhat difficult at first until you get used to doing it. Engaging in doing this now for your work at home business will make your business opportunity more attractive. It will give your web site that personal feel.

At first this can be somewhat difficult until you get used to it. Writing your content in this way will give you that edge and make your web site more personalized though.

The design of your content for you home based business opportunity website is very important in capturing visitors or leads to your web site as you want to “magnetize” as many of them as you can. If you are doing SEO (search engine optimization), your content needs to be keyword rich as well which can make the job tougher. It is important to make your web site as reader friendly as you can!

Taking the time to learn and implement basic SEO strategies can make a huge difference to your marketing success online. SEO offers many simple tips and strategies to enhance your information to make it more competitive with other similar business offers. The more you learn and put your knowledge into action, the more likely you are to have a successful |home based business opportunity|.


Jim Eberle


Leads for Success

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