|Canadian home based business opportunity|

|Canadian home based business opportunity| gives entrepreneurs the best defense against the current recession. As the economy destabilizes traditional business employers are looking at cutting costs. When the bottom line dwindles companies and corportations look at ways to protect their profit margin. That can often mean downsizing and employee layoffs. Employees wanting to protect their income and lifestyle look for ways to earn extra income. Internet marketing is one area that is very lucrative and offers anyone the ability start their own |Canadian home based business opportunity|.

|Canadian home based business opportunity| online should be customer based. Business is dependent on customers to purchase product on a consistent basis. The more they purchase the more commissions you earn. Distributor based business is the most common type of business opportunity but they are not the |Canadian home based business opportunity|.

If you are working on a |Canadianhome based business opportunity| like I am, you are probably doing SEO (search engine optimization for some time now. Maybe you are just starting out and have been hearing the term “long tail keywords” here and there and are wondering what it means. I just heard the term several months ago and to be honest, I was unsure of what it was. Well, now I know…here is what it is!

The term long tail keywords is just a new term for longer keyword phrases on the same topic. When you start working on your SEO for your home based business opportunity, what you need to do at the very onset is arrive at the best domain name and keywords and keyword phrases to attract high quality traffic to your web site. The keywords you arrive at should be based on what people will enter into their browsers to find your site. These should be phrases that people would use that are highly interested in what you have to offer. You are looking for traffic that are very interested in what you have to offer.

These keywords and keywords phrases (long tails) are the life blood of your Canadian business opportunity. They are the driving force behind everything you do for SEO. Getting this right is the single most important thing you can do for your SEO campaign and for your home based business.

There is absolutely “nothing” more important than the terms you plan on going for! Nothing!!

I have to tell you, I can not even begin to relate to you how many times I have seen or heard of people who are are pursuing search terms that absolutely make no sense and would do little to nothing to get traffic to their site. This includes those who claim they are SEO experts.

I have to warn you, especially if you are new, beware of this person. They prey on those that do not know. Let us say you are planning on hiring someone on to do your SEO for you. You are going to pay pretty good money for that service. Let us say you have a website and have obtained a domain name for tastymorsels.com. You are selling high quality candies. The SEO person might tell you they can get those keywords “tasty morsel” on the front page of Google in no time. They submit several articles and sure
enough, you are there!

Who really gives a crap about that? Who is going to search for that term and find your web site?


The person who knows how SEO works will assist you in getting another domain name. For those that do not know, a good domain name will support at least 2 or 3 keywords. They will analyze what you are selling and use a good keyword analysis tool to explore all available options. The goal here is to get keywords and keywords through combinations of words to bring quality traffic to your site. Once that has all been determined, your web site will be optimized for those words. Article writing will be done using those keywords and phrases.

All right, I am done spouting off. Let us get back to long tail keywords for your home based business opportunity.

Within your SEO campaign, you will probably be targeting keywords that will be difficult to get to the top of the search engines to say the least. Long tail keyword phrases are extensions of the difficult keywords that you would dearly love to have.

Let us take for example your main keyword phrase. If might have a competition of around 50 million web sites and has around 2000 searches a day. This would be hard to obtain. Let us say that you use an off shoot of it which is longer and gets less searches a day. Let us say that you choose one that has 500 thousand web sites listed as your competition and receives 100 searches a day. That particular long tail keyword phrase would be much easier to obtain. I think that would be the way to go.

You are aiming for something with fewer searches done on it but yet your competition is drastically much lower as well. You can drive even more traffic however by going for other long tail keyword phrases. While doing SEO for the longer keyword phrases, remember that your main keywords are imbedded in those longer phrases. This means that everything you do for the longer phrases helps to bring up your main keyword phrase.

By working on long tail keywords for your Canadian |best home based business opportunity|, you are actually getting your web site to the top of the search engine rankings for high end keywords as well!

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