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|Top home based business opportunity|. I prefer a business where I don’t have to spend money buying leads in order to build a customer base. Finding customers is the most challenging task a business owner has to face. I buy customers generated by the parent company and then made available to me. Once purchased, I retain the rights to the monthly commissions that result from those customer purchases for life. For me, that is the |top home based business opportunity|.

The right |top home based business opportunity| can make all the difference between going broke or being successful. Hey, its not easy to decide which top home based business to get started in with all the choices today on the internet. Most are claiming instant riches with no effort. Don’t be fooled by get rich quick claims, they just aren’t true. A real top home based business opportunity requires, commitment, persistent and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Do not waste your time or your money if you are not prepared to work.

First rule is do not believe or listen to anyone claiming instant success Like any business, it takes time and in most cases, takes years to develop a good income. Still want to be your own boss and get in on one of the few top home based business opportunities? One of the easiest home based businesses to start up is to turn your hobby into a business. Or find a |top home based business opportunity|, like I did, that has a steady supply of customers you can access.

Is your Top Home Based Business Opportunity around some sort of hobby that you have been doing for awhile. A hobby can be turned into a successful home business. Your hobby will no longer be a hobby. Some people still prefer to keep their hobbies separate from their business.

My brother in law who is an amateur musician addicted to yard/garage sales and flea Markets. The next day he would be at the local flea market selling the junk that he picked up the day before.

As time went on, he started to notice that the musical instruments did not last very long on his table especially at the start of the school year. He gradually started concentrating on musical instruments. Gradually he became known as the man who always had good musical instruments for sale.

He moved his business into his home, started renting and selling musical instruments to school children and started giving music classes. Then e-bay arrived and he started selling musical instruments there. His business is growing. He will never become a millionaire but is earning a nice second income from his hobby that he turned into a home based business.

The biggest disadvantage of a hobby turned into a business is when you stop, so does your business and the income you created. There is no residual income. In my opinion that fact alone makes it rather doubtful that your hobby turned business would fall into the category of a |top home based business opportunity|.

There simply are no free rides in life, unless you happen to win the lottery. Even then that will cost some money to purchase your chance to win. Some people want to build a niche market for their hobby, others want a ready made business with great products and residual income.

If you are still looking stop by for a peak at a real |top home based business opportunity|.

To your success

Tom Murray

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