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The work at home millionaire home based business program needs talks about setting you up with a turn key home based business. The claim is you can start to earn money right away using their SEO system. I guess my question would be, how come my article and blog site are both.on the front page of google for their obvious keywords and all i did was write a couple of articles? My guess would be that if you learn a few techniques like I did you could be on the front page of Google too, for the keyword phrases “the work at home millionaire or Michael Matthews work at home millionaire“.

I am just learning SEO techniques from our SEO team leader Michael D. Hall, and I am learning them for free. Everyone on the team is learning and developing some good basic SEO habits and we are moving up the Google ranks. We are in business together and we have all made a very unique paradigm shift. We believe that you don’t have to be in competition to be successful, instead we collaborate and cooperate to promote the opportunity for all, and all share in the results.

Changing thinking is not as easy as it sounds. Most people who have done any marketing online knows the mlm way to build a home based business. Typically most affilitate programs encourage you to recruit a certain number of distributors who will purchase product every month and then go out and find distributors they can recruit, and so it goes. What a frustrating process that is. My experience has been that as fast as I could find a distributor, two would drop out. Customers are recommended, of course, but the focus is on distributors. Using this process ii is near impossible to be the work at home millionaire you would like to be.

Changing gears and putting the focus on increasing your customers instead of distributors seems like a logical move, however, that small change alone requires a huge commitment. When your whole experience is about getting distributors or business partners it is a challenge to think in a different way. Luckily, I found a team who wanted to do just that; change their thinking and change the way they do business on the internet.

Working as a real team, towards a common goal, is helping to move everyone on the team forward. There have definitely been some challenges along the way but overall working as a team is more rewarding for all. Instead of having to know all of the marketing strategies and SEO techniques, every member can work to their particular area of expertise and let others work to theirs. Cooperative marketing is what will make us all the work at home millionaires.

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