Home Based Business Opportunities And Distributors

Home based business opportunities have made a major paradigm shift. Many companies who used to offer distributorship territories to people who wished to work from home and set their own hours. In order to earn a paycheck, distributors had to travel to all corners of their distributorships going door to door selling their wares. Remember the Watkins distributor of yore coming to your home with suitcases and a station wagon filled with the most popular products? Though technically the sales happened away from their home this is an example of home based business opportunities of the past.

The geographical boundaries that used to exist have disappeared and many companies have turned to online marketing. Distributors still have the option of taking their products to their customers homes but most are choosing to build their home based business opportunities from the comfort of their home on their computers.

The attraction of being in business for yourself has not changed. The idea of starting any home based business opportunities is to have a win-win situation. If you are new to the industry and not sure where to get started, likely you will come across thousands of businesses online, probably involving network marketing. You are looking for your home based business opportunities to be a win-win situation for both the distributor (you) and the company. It certainly beats the alternatives, win-lose, lose-win, or lose-lose. The lose-lose is one in which one or both parties walks away feeling an assortment of negative emotions, possibly including disappointment, anger, and resentment.

Attitude and determination to do whatever is needed to succeed is the core of entrepreurship. Many people unfortunately have the attitude of what’s in it for me. Now, I am not suggesting you should not make money or be successful. However, if you want ultimate success in your Home Based Business, then you need to look at the big picture. How do you achieve a win-win situation when it comes to finding new partners for our home based business opportunities?

Here are a few attributes that I believe are important to consider when looking for the next business partner: reliable and accountable, upbeat, honest, easy to work with, motivated, determined to succeed, hardworking, and so on. Of course, you would want your recruit to have time available to work the business, and enough money to get started. Too many people who look at starting home based business opportunities are only thinking about the next 30,60 or 90 days. Keep in mind, most businesses requires several years before you will be in a position to make serious money.

Most home based business opportunities will reward you for finding and signing up other business minded people who want to build a business with you. If you are truly dedicated to reach a win-win situation, your goal must be to reach a deep understanding of what a win-win would be for your business associate and then honestly assessing whether or not your opportunity would create that. It does not do any good to just bring someone on so that you can say you have someone in you down line if they do not really want to work the business. Trust me, it happens all the time. You bring someone in, they go at it for 30 or 60 days, then go into some sort of MLM witness protection program.

On the other hand, if you believe your home based business opportunities would be a good match for the person, go ahead and explain why you feel this business would be good for them. Be sure to connect all the dots between their specific problems, and how your Home Based Business can address them, and provide a good solution.

You might wonder why I say that many MLMers falter in the second stage. The answer is that we naturally want our option to be the only one the prospect considers. Nevertheless, the person you are talking with needs to be free to consider all the options available to them before making a choice, if not they might never be happy. The good news is, if you truly understand the situation and genuinely believe that your opportunity is the best solution, and if you have effectively communicated why you think that way, chances are good that your prospect will end up agreeing with you. And then you will get to enjoy the most treasured of all outcomes; success!

Always keep your eye on the goal. You and your prospect will each get what you want, and you will both feel terrific about your decisions. That is the real key to having successful home based business opportunities. A clear, concise and mutual business plan to help each other win.

Larry Sayer

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