Home Based Business School – The Things I Never Learned!

Choosing the right home based business has always been a challenge. The right business may not be marketed very well and you’ll never find it . Conversely, the wrong business may sound like the dream you’ve been waiting for. What home based business is right for you is going to depend on you. Now that may sound like an evasive answer, however if you follow your passions in creating your own home based business environment you will be better off in the long run.

When considering a home based business you should always learn everything you can before making a decision. Your personality will dictate your fit in the home based business arena so follow your nose, er passions and create a home based business that is you.

Some people enjoy gathering in groups, attending meetings and pitching products and deals. If that is what sparks your adrenaline then perhaps you might be interested in a traditional MLM home based business where you need those kinds of talent to thrive.

Albert Einstein once said “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” My goal is to be of value to you in your pursuit of building a viable home based business.

Here are a couple of things I have learned along the way that I would like to share with you.

Don’t ever buy leads for your business
Buying leads is expensive and unnecessary.
You will go broke buying leads.
Lead brokers demand a high price yet offer little if any real value.

Avoid becoming a bob-tailer for distributors
What I mean by that is don’t get involved in a business where your only customers are distributors. After all a distributor is nothing more than a fancy name for a salesperson. What happens when your sales person can’t find anymore distributors to jump onboard? Easy they quit! If a distributor isn’t making any money they won’t continue their auto-ship order and they go AWOL, leaving you with the task of trying to plug the holes in your organization with fresh recruits. It is a never ending process and you need a very tough skin.

That is why it is important that you find a home based business fit that works like a pair of custom hand-made shoes.

Advertising is an interesting facet of any business. Advertising companies will tell you that you need to have a large advertising budget in order to get yourself seen. Not true. If you spend a little time you will find creative ways to get you name up in lights at the top of the search engines for free. Honest, I never spend anything on advertising and yet if you Google my name you will find multiple page 1 Google rankings.

Branding is a form of advertising. Effective branding of your name along with the name of your home based business will create word association and name recognition. To illustrate a point when most people hear the phrase “It’s the real thing” they most often hear the jingle and think of the words Coca-Cola. That is effective branding.

If you dump all of those things into a kettle and set it on the fire to boil what you end up with is a home based business that thrives without having to recruit sales people. It doesn’t require the purchase of leads. It is simple to operate and it generates an income without working you like a $2 mule.

Michael Hall


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