What is the X Factor in a Home Based Business?

Having spent the last 10 years working on various home based businesses, I have learned a few things a long the road to success. Stop and think for a moment about why such a small percentage of people are truly successful relative to the population. With so many opportunities around us, the gap seems to be widening each day between the wealthy and poor. There are people that are building a successful home based business and developing a solid income, but most are just surviving paycheck to paycheck. What do successful people or what I call the X-Factor have in common?

Is it some special organization they belong to that get tutored on the ways of the wealthy or is there some home business course that explains exactly what they need to do to be successful? There is much debate and thousands of articles written about this subject matter, but have several common characteristics. Several traits are; a vision, clear and defined goals, a good coach/mentor, etc.

For me it was passion that has stood out. It’s not something you are taught in school, read in a text book, but that which comes deep from within you. Think about the people that have developed a successful Home Based Business and created multiple steams of income. They all seem to have that unique quality of passion. For anyone that would like to see what passion is all about, check out Chris Gardner, the man behind the Pursuit of Happyness. Absolutely, one of the best movies in my opinion that demonstrates passion to the extreme. When you evaluate the characteristics of what Chris and what he personally had to overcome, I would suggest he had all of the above, but he has the drive and passion to overcome any obstacles. On a scale of 1 to 10, where are you on the scale of motivation?

My passion is to build a successful home based business and create a a life style of freedom that our family can enjoy keeps me laser focused. That is what drives me, especially when I’m tired after a full 10 hour day at the job, yet still have passion and persistence to continue working late into the evening on developing our home based business. Hey, nobody said this would be easy. Passion is that force within you that inspires you to get up early in the morning and late to bed. In other words, you can’t wait till the next morning to get up and out of bed. Are you truly serious and focused on what your dreams and aspirations are or do you just put life on cruise control? Either way, you are responsible for your life and nobody else.

The advice that given to me but a couple of good friends and true mentors, is you must be willing to learn, grow and have absolute resolve that nothing will stop you – passion. It really is the fuel that makes people do the things to build a home based business. Every one of us has the ability to be successful and its all about choices. So what will you choose for your life? Success or failure? There are no short cuts to success as I can attest to after 10 years in the industry.

I discovered that we all must have somewhere inside of us a dream, a desire, something to hold on to and reach for in order to remain focused. Something must make us desperate enough to change our circumstances. People who don’t want it badly enough or lack passion, don’t make it. Being desperate enough to find a way to change and become inspired to do so. I know what I have wanted for our family for the past 15 years and have paid the price and have the battle scars to prove it.

Many of us have written about the WHY we do this business. Therein is the secret to our success. Our dream (passion) and our why that drives us, something we desire so much that we find the courage to overcome doubt and fear and drive our self to do what it takes to build a solid Home Based Business and create a full time residual income.

When you truly stop and reflect upon the successful people that made it, they all had a very clearly defined reason for doing so and passion. Getting back to my original point of the article and wrapping it up. That is what I call the X – Factor. So here is my question. Have you truly taken the time to think about it clearly and written it down for reviewing? Invest a few hours alone and explore your thoughts and make a decision on what it truly is that you want to accomplish. Nobody ever said that building a successful home based business would be easy, but talk to anyone that is successful and truly has the time/freedom to do as they please, I’m sure they will tell you they are extremely happy they took the road and pathway to success and built a home based business.

Make it a great week everyone!

Darrell Lischka

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