Home Based Business – Having Fun

When starting a home based business.the very first mistake I have seen is most of the persons that begin them start off taking them way too serious! Mind you there is nothing wrong with being motivated about working your new home based business.

However, in many instances this excitement and self motivation can appear as desperation. This will destroy any hope of them joining your home based business. Not that you gave them the incorrect information what so ever, it is how you told them, yes you should be excited and there is no harm in this, However; don’t over do it, have fun with it and don’t come across as desperate.

Get to know the person just as if you had nothing to offer but your conversation; after all you where just wanting to know them over a cold beer, some place in your exchange give them your business card. You than have introduced your home based business to them, but continue doing your thing flow with it and enjoy every moment of the experience.

It matters not where this friendly exchange has happened, it’s key that both you and the person you are interacting with are just having fun and enjoying the moment after all this is why the both of you are out to start with. No reason to disrupt the flow, stopping them and everyone listening around you with a pitch about your home based business will turn them off, and you will look desperate. Also make them stop talking and want to avoid you all together. Have fun and remember that if you and they are both having fun that is the point.

Less is always more! When you are enjoying what you do, you will find your home based business growing as a result. Let your business card talk for you and don’t trash the moment you are having with your new friends, throwing a pitch at them is a real turn off. Remember less is more, if it feels good to you it will to them, this is a very good thing. Go to places that you truly enjoy your self and you will attract those that have like interest. Enjoying what you’re doing is the most important part of your home based business while introducing it to them.

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