Home Based Business – Success or Failure is up to you.

Everyday thousands of people turn to Google in the quest for a Home Based Business, they have had enough of their job, or their boss or both and they are looking for an actual opportunity to better themselves and the economic future of their families. When searching Google for a Home Based Business you may notice there are 370 million sites in competition for that particular key phrase, it is very good for me that 95% of them have no idea of how to do good search engine optimization, that number for some reason is the same percentage of people that never make in money in a Home Based Business. uncanny isn’t it.

It is my belief that the reason 95% of the people in a Home Based Business never make any money online is because most are never willing to do what is necessary to make the business successful.

I am not talking about buying leads either, if you are in a Home Based Business and someone tells you to buy leads, you need to take note of what I say. You are heading for failure period. Buying leads in a Home Based Business is a death sentence. Go ahead and test it out if you do not believe me, call 200 of those so called targeted leads and get 200 rejections, you will come to the realization just like I did that it is better to buy customers instead of leads anytime you are involved in a Home Based Business.

Michael Hall


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