If you are looking to start a home based business with extremely low startup costs (You probably already own most of the things you will need) you may want to consider this.

Would you be interested in working from the comfort of home or from wherever you may be no matter if it were on some tropical island, a trendy European city or your own back yard?

Maybe you are the type who likes to work late night hours and sleep during the day. Perhaps you are an early riser who prefers to get a jump on the day and finish up by noon. It’s possible. What I am talking about is flexibility in time and space. The ability to work when and where you want.

How about spending a week on Little Palm Island or feasting on conch at the Hog’s Breath Saloon and writing it off as a business expense. That too is possible when you work within certain tax guidelines covering home based business

Imagine enjoying all of those freedoms while you can earn anywhere from $80,000 to over several million dollars each year doing the thing that you love to do. It’s possible

One woman from New Jersey does exactly that. She works 5 hours per day and earns over $200,000 working from home in her own home based business and another guy from Maryland earns over $12 Million a year doing a similar thing from his home based business.

Do I have your attention?

I know that I do because who in their right mind wouldn’t want a home based business like that?

This home based business is easy to start, doesn’t cost a lot of money, can be operated part time until your business grows and doesn’t require you to attend weekly meetings or buy products nor does it require you to buy leads.

Are you interested?

Of course you are and quite frankly who wouldn’t be interested? This home based business opportunity offers you great income potential lots of flexibility and the ability for a less stressful life. Sign me up!!

The opportunity

The opportunity does not require a college degree. In fact is requires no special talent at all. The skills needed to succeed are easily learned. It is called copywriting.

Copywriting takes many forms from creating sales letters and advertising packages, writing resumes or creating your own style information packages.

That is just what earns Yanik Silver over $12 Million dollars per year and did you know he wrote his first book from a tiny corner of his apartment over 20 years ago and it is still selling on the Internet? How is that for a dynamic home based business.

Providing information is the number 1 product on the Internet, Enter the term “information” into your Google search bar and you will see over 3 BILLION results.

Copywriting and providing information have a wide range of appeal and offer an interesting choice to develop your own home based business.

Perhaps you you are interested in Search Engine Optimization, did you know than on average an SEO copywriter earns about $1500 to write a landing page. Think about it how fast can you write less than 1,000 words and earn a cool $1500?

No question, the Internet is fertile ground for copywriters who take the time to learn how to write and/or improve each page of a client’s web site – from the homepage right through to the information, subscription, sales and landing pages.

SEO copywriters are a specialized group of copywriters who have developed the skills necessary to make a difference in their clients web pages.

Copywriting is easy to learn, fun to do and may just be the perfect home based business for you.

RH Sterling – Case Statement Copywriter

Member AWAI


Skype: rhsterling

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