Why Consider a home based business

In history Google and Our country was built on the backs of hard working folks who owned their own home based business and often the whole family worked together. It made our country strong, developing that good old fashion work ethic. Some people literally worked at a home based business and other built store fronts. But the key is they worked for themselves. Then we had the industrial revelation and a lot changed. Much of it was good, but much of our connection with family and control over our lives was lost. So why now reconsider a home based business?

Today not just entrepreneurs but average folks like you and I are rediscovering the benefits of a home based business. Technological innovations are available and programs are in place to help the average person succeed. Working from home is Eco Friendly and Profitable both in Time Saved and Money Earned. Are you ready to escape the Rat Race? Willing to have a 2 minute commute?

Here are a few good reasons to start and run a home based business:

TAX Benefits – that is a reason on everyones list. Not only do I save time and gas from commuting but there are so many things that are now tax deductible because I work from a home based business. I have turned a portion of our home dedicated to business only areas. In our case we write off 1/3 of utilities, insurance costs, house payments, and expenses for phone, computers and so much more. Maintenance and repairs are deductible, depreciation, property taxes and of course insurance costs. Plus much much more! Who wants to pay more taxes? Saving taxes is making money. I do not know about you but I would prefer not to pay any taxes I do not owe and I also call that profit!

Personal Financial Freedom – having time and freedom can be so rewarding. When my husband was in construction if he was working we had NO time and when he was between jobs we had Time but NO money. There was something wrong with that picture. Now with our home based business, we have time together, because we chose a business that can be worked through the internet or belly to belly, we can work and play anywhere. Our income is in our hands. Now there is a down side … do you have what it takes to be consistent to work your home based business and willing to study to keep up with the trends? There is a lot of support to help you — But YOU are in the drivers seat.

Reducing Stress – your home based business will help to fee up time so you will find it easier to juggle the demands of home, family and your private life. You will set your goals and deadlines. No more office politics, missing family functions that you set as a priority. YOU are your boss and your best employee.

The benefits of a home based business is just starting to rise to a peak that will set the pace for personal freedom and maximizing time and income. Are you ready to join this growing movement? Start Your home based business Now!

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