Thinking of starting a Home Based Business, you are not alone, people turn to google everyday in the quest of finding a Home Based Business.

The absolute best way to build wealth on the internet is to learn how to drive massive amount of traffic, interested in your home based business by using google effectively in Search Engine Optimization.

The main reason that search engine optimization works so effectively with a home based business is because of how the person found you in the first place, think about this, how did you find this website in the first place. There are thousands of so called systems out there on the internet that are comprised of junk, that in the end, do not work. I will cover a some ways not to attempt to build your home based business unless you are a glutten for punishment and like frustation.

1. Traffic Exchanges: I know I am going to make some of my friends and visitors angry with this statement, I know several webmasters that own traffic exchanges, I also know several people that spend 8 or more hours a day surfing the traffic exchanges, I know because I used to do it to. A traffic exchange is a place where you agree to view someones home based business website and they in turn agree to view yours. The problem is that the entire exchange is made up of sellers and no buyers, you are when you go to the traffic exchange a seller, are you not, think about this for a second, you are trying to sell to sellers, basically saying my home based business is better than yours, blah, blah, blah. You will after surfing the traffic exchanges for some time, get a signup in you home based business, however it is still a numbers game, as the people there have never found success in a home based business just like you and will, I repeat they will quit after a month or two because this system is flawed.

2. Buying Leads: Never buy leads to build your home based business. why, because I have never found a lead available for purchase that was any better, then going out to the street and talking to an average homeless guy. Sure call enough of them and you will eventually find someone interested in your home based business. The leads companies that sell leads, acquired them from some sort of survey where the so called red hot targeted home based business prospect surrendered their personal information in exchange for a chance to get a free ipod or coupon, they never reach the end of the survey and will give up. but the damage is already done, they will start getting hundreds of people calling them trying to get them into the hottest home based business of the decade. Not

buy customers not leads for your home based business. if you do a google search on this term, you will see what I mean about search engine optimization, because every entry on the first page are people working together as a team to build their home based business. Do the research and see if I am not telling you the truth.

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