Best Home Based Business Opportunity And The Economy

Best home based business opportunity and the economy go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of the economy. When big business are considering downsizing or layoffs to stay afloat, entrepreneurs are taking up the slack with the best home based business opportunity.

The economic contributions that a home based business makes to the North American economy has, until recently been underrated. This is because basic information on the home based business sector has not been collected. But data collected in 1992 changed this view forever as it showed how important the home business industry was to the US economy.

For example, basic information on a business opportunity, such as the major types of business activities conducted in the home; the amount of funds typically needed for a business startup; the ability of home based businesses firms to survive, grow, and find capital; and the net profits of these firms — has been entirely lacking or based on small samples or anecdotal evidence.

In 1992 the US Small business Administration and the US department of Commerce conducted their first Census of the home based business sector. They conducted a sampling of 125,000 home-based businesses and found the following:

More and more people are deciding to use their home to earn a primary income in a business opportunity.

The home based business sector represents 52 percent of all firms and provides 10% of the total receipts of the economy.

55,000 home based businesses had sales of over $1,000,000

The average receipts of all of the home based business sector was $40,000

About 19 % of the home businesses had employees

44% of all of the business in the home based business sector required less than $5000 startup costs.

One third of all home based business sector used personal funds to start and 46 percent used personal savings.

Home based business owners worked an average of 26-35 hours a week

Over half the home based business sector last for more than 5 years.

Although that data was collected over 15 years ago it is an important milestone to remind us how valuable a resource this sector was and continues to be to the US economy. The data will provide a bench mark to show how much we have grown since 1992. Our team is looking for motivated and serious individuals that are not afraid of that 4 letter word called work. Do you know how to find the best home based business opportunity?

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