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Home based business is the entrepreneur hope for the future. By far, the biggest obstacles are getting started and making money in a home based business. You see most people when they start in a business opportunity, they have to wear all the hats for their business. They are taught to focus on the duplication model for success. Hey, that’s what all the leaders in the company did, so they must be right? Or are they? There is a new paradigm for building a home based business.

The reason for the home based business industry and the high failure rate is following the above methodology. The facts are that duplication accounts for over a 95% plus failure rate. Interesting how nobody mentions that when you get started.

Well, its about time things changed in the home based business opportunity industry. Have you heard about the new co-operative marketing program available? Well, maybe you have, but chances are you have never heard about being able to buy real paying customers from a company in network marketing.

What makes this different in major ways is we actually work together as a team. What I mean, individual members have donated websites, blogs, and marketing tools to team effort. Working in teams, the members all support the same websites. Instead of having individual sites, the whole team promotes the same sites and drive those target sites to the top of the search engines.

We are a group of highly motivated and educated group that understands marketing, sales and advanced SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. As an entrepreneurs, are you tired of looking to family and friends to be your customer or business partner?

Welcome to the Tri Power Team that uses the power of the internet and Google to find people who want to either purchase some great products or who want to work from home and on the Internet.

It sounds simple because it is. We educate and train people , but more importantly we delegate different responsibilities on our home based business team. No longer will you have to wear all the hats for your home business and be 100 percent responsible for it.

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